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What You Need to Know About Wedding Rings

If there is one subject above all others that everyone will want to mention at your wedding reception and that will be the wedding rings, and everyone will want to see them so why not purchase something that little bit more individual. If you buy from us, we can guarantee that everyone will be talking about them and ask you where you bought them. We can offer you advice and guidance throughout the entire process of choosing your wedding bands online, from choices in metals, to ring fitting and even future proofing your ring choice if they ever need to be resized at some point. It's important to get your finger size correct, and we can help you right from the start if you are unsure, with our professional ring sizer service. Just click on the 'Ring Sizing Service' choice from the 'Shop Categories' menu to find out more. This service can be particularly helpful for men who we often see have never worn a ring before and are not sure what to do about buying online. There is no need to be nervous as we are here to help and you can email us at any time before you even decide to purchase on this very subject.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we can provide luxury for everyone at prices everyone can afford. We don't cut any corners and you won't be disappointed. Our huge selection of wedding rings covers everyone's taste, whether it be modern and contemporary, elegant and sophisticated or traditional and classic, we have a wedding ring for him and her. All our wedding rings are lovingly handmade up and down the country in the UK to the highest of standards. We can, therefore, guarantee the finest quality British workmanship. We don't like to use the word cheap when describing our weddings rings but our prices simply can't be beaten when it comes to sheer value for money. We know that customer always comes first. We will make sure that your wedding ring order is perfectly correct and also arrives on time. Our after sales service also looks after all your needs too.

We feature a vast number of different styles of custom rings for men and women both contemporary and the more traditional. They are all made in the UK, and as you will be planning to wear them for a long time to come, we offer all our customers an after sales service too which is something the larger retailers may not provide as their rings come sourced from abroad.

We have carefully chosen a wide variety of styles from chunky titanium to delicate, precious metals so you should find something to fit both your tastes. Many of the rings are excellent for adapting so they match each other but are designed to look right no matter what the finger size. As they are made here in the UK, the designers can make sure they get this exactly correct for you. All you need to do is get your finger size right which we can help you out with right from the start. If you have any enquiries, then you can always contact us first. We are more than happy to help you choose your rings and offer free advice along the way.

Options and ideas for your ring in silver, gold or titanium

So what choices are there for precious metals and other alloys for your rings? In this article, we will look at steel, silver, gold and titanium. While silver is a relatively soft metal, steel and titanium are all particularly suitable metals for wedding rings because of their durability and hypoallergenic qualities. These metals also lend themselves well to the making of modern style rings. Silver, although softer, casts into many forms whereas titanium and steel, are limited to band type rings.

Tips on Buying Wedding Rings
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  • Have a budget in mind before shopping for wedding rings.
  • Know what your partner likes when you want to choose the perfect wedding ring for them.
  • Check out online wedding ring websites to know your ring options.

These days, you can find a wider variety of materials, styles and designs when it comes to wedding rings. You can find wedding rings that fit your budget. Check out our range of wedding rings at our online shop. Right now, the favourites for men seem to be the chunky urban styles made from titanium, zirconium or steel.

Why Are Our Men's Wedding Rings the Best?
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  • Our men's wedding rings are all made in the UK, according to the highest of standards.
  • We carry an exciting range of ring designs in zirconium and solid sterling silver.
  • We offer a wider selection of designs suitable for men.
  • You will find tasteful understated rings with diamonds.
  • We use zirconium, which is one of the most durable materials available, to engineer our men's wedding rings.
  • Zirconium is a super metal that can be turned black and finished into two-tone or twin finished designs.
  • Our men's wedding rings are suitable for personalised wedding rings with engravings that can be added on both the outer and inner surfaces of the band.
  • Not only are our zirconium men's wedding rings very durable, but they are also hypoallergenic so they won't react with your skin.
  • Most of our men's wedding rings are available in Z plus sizes.
  • Our men's wedding rings are extremely affordable.
  • Men's rings tend to require more metal because men wear bigger sizes and tend to prefer the more chunky, wider styles.
  • The colour of these rings is in part accountable for its popularity.
  • We have the best men's wedding rings, at the LOWEST PRICES!
Why are Our Titanium Wedding Rings the Best?
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  • We sell fantastic plain wedding rings made from titanium.
  • Titanium is the number one alternative to a traditional gold wedding ring.
  • A titanium wedding ring is also much cheaper than a gold wedding ring, offering unbeatable value.
  • A titanium wedding ring is not only durable, but light in weight too for that ultimate comfort.
  • Durability is important as men tend to be much heavier on their rings than women would be.

Of course, having your wedding ring personalised is an option we can provide you with too.

Custom Wedding Rings with Your Very Own Personalised Engraving
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  • FREE! Personalised outer engraving for every custom wedding ring on our website.
  • A custom wedding ring personalised with your very own special message.
  • Custom wedding rings engraved to the highest standards using laser technology.
  • Beautiful deep wedding engravings with fine text designed to last in tough titanium.
Why Choose Silver Wedding Rings
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  • Silver wedding rings come in a vast variety of wedding ring options, in designer and plain styles.
  • Silver can come in matt and polished finishes, as well as hammered and smoothed surfaces.
  • Silver wedding rings aren't as expensive as gold or diamond rings.
  • Our silver wedding rings are robust and come with an after-sales service.
  • They are available in different widths for him and her.
  • As prices of gold continue to rise dramatically, the cost of owning a precious metal ring has escalated.
  • Silver also offer more flexibility in design styles and finishes.
  • Silver will match anything and look just as good with casual wear as formal wear.
  • Do remember though that no metal is scratch proof and you must look after your ring if you want it to continue to look good for many years.

Plan for your wedding ring

When you first decide to get married and start to prepare for your marriage couples often make the mistake of choosing their rings at the last minute thinking that they can pop along to any shop and pick the wedding rings from the shelf. More than often this is not the case, so we do advise that planning far ahead is the best course of action to avoid unnecessary stress.

Your rings are a token of love and betrothal to be worn for a very long time. It is, therefore, essential to try and give your wedding rings some serious thought to making sure you get something that you like and that you will enjoy wearing. Most of you will be purchasing two rings so do consider matching rings also.

Consider carefully the wedding ring that will best suit you

If you do leave your rings until quite late in the day, please be aware that many people often lose weight in the run-up to the big day and this may affect your finger size. If you put the weight back on, your wedding rings could become too tight for comfort. We can advise you on this issue, and many others concerning the purchase of your ring online.

Choosing the style of your wedding ring is down to personal taste, but it is probably better to stick with a style that will not date but still look good in ten or twenty years. Consider the width of the rings carefully as although thick rings are currently trendy, they may not be that comfortable for some people if worn all the time. Lifestyle is also important as some style of rings may not be appropriate for specific jobs or sporting activities. For instance, you wouldn't want to spend a fortune on an 18ct gold ring if you have a manual task.

The various metals to choose from for your wedding ring

The material that you decide on for your rings is necessary as some elements stand up to wear and tear much better than others. The considerations for the type of metal for your rings is down to your taste, design style, durability and your budget. These days it is often the budget that dictates what you buy, but with the rings, we feature you need not to compromise on quality.

Titanium and black zirconium rings have become popular as men's wedding rings, and they will be more durable than those made from precious metals. Zirconium is primarily an excellent choice for men as we can create fantastic two-tone designs from this most amazing of metals through the application of heat treatments that turn the rings black and machining techniques to reveal the natural grey colour underneath.

Gold the traditional metal of choice for your wedding ring

Gold rings are ever favourite as they wear well and looks good over many years. If you have a limited budget, 9ct is less expensive and harder wearing. White gold is also an option, but we would advise that you buy a ring made from high-quality white gold which is not rhodium plated and therefore not high maintenance. Rhodium plating needs redoing every six to twelve months depending on wear and tear. It is worth pointing out that 18ct non-rhodium plated white gold has a greyish colour which is not to everyone's taste.

Steel is a new kid on the block. Sturdy, modern, hypoallergenic, cheap and very stylish for wedding rings. It has everything a man could want when it comes to choosing a wedding ring.

A wedding band engraving option for the finishing touch

Once you have considered the above options, personalising your rings is a good idea too. We can engrave just about anything onto your wedding ring from text to graphics.