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Wedding Rings Buying Guide

Who we are

Before we begin our guide on the purchasing of your wedding ring online let us start by telling you a little about ourselves. We began trading online in 2004 from humble beginnings after discovering purely by accident a method of shopping known by the name of e-commerce, and being from a marketing background took it upon ourselves to fully embrace this new mantra. It worked! After a short period of research, we began selling wedding rings, but not any old wedding rings, specifically, UK made wedding rings and at affordable prices too. We know that there are some great small independent wedding ring designers in the UK and we want to promote their work. Some cheaply imported wedding rings are of inferior quality and do not meet the high standards of the handmade wedding rings that we supply.

We have aimed to make the buying process as simple and as secure as we can by keeping the product descriptions as short as possible and the checkout process quick and straightforward via the extremely convenient PayPal express checkout system. With this in mind, this guide is designed to give you a fast resume of any technical information on the wedding rings specifications so here goes.

Can the rings be resized?

This question is the most common question we receive, and the simple answer is it depends. Not very helpful we know, but that is the truth. Resizing is dependant upon what the ring is made from and by how many sizes. Basically, it goes like this, silver and gold wedding rings can go up or down a size or two while titanium is more problematic but non-decorative (engraved) models can be stretched by one size. However, anything with an engraving would distort the engraving so is probably not worth attempting. Besides, an engraved wedding ring would be classed as non-returnable due to it being personalised. Diamond set and inlaid rings can also be an issue but our designers have managed in the past apart from titanium. Our advice, get your wedding ring finger measured first. We can help you our here with our online ring sizing service.

So there you have it a mixed bag of information which more often than not makes you wonder if buying your wedding rings online is a risk? Well, we have thought about this long and hard which is why we have introduced an open-ended returns policy on virtually all of our rings. You won't find the wedding rings we feature returnable on other websites, and if you do, we can beat the price also. Just email us and let us know.

What is white gold?

White gold is a precious metal and is relatively soft. In the shops and from abroad it usually comes plated with rhodium which will wear away over time and have to be re-coated. White gold is an alloy of yellow gold and other metals which appear 'white'. However, 9ct has a slight yellowish grey tinge, and 18ct is greyish. None of our rings come rhodium plated and none of the photograph's show rhodium plated rings. We don't recommend rhodium plating because it hides the natural beauty of the 'white' gold and as we say wears off and needs to be re-plated regularly.

Will your silver wedding rings react with my skin?

Our silver wedding rings are made from Sterling Silver which is pretty much the jewellery industry standard these days. Pure silver is too soft to use in jewellery, so sterling silver which is an alloy is used instead. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver mixed with either 7.5% copper or brass to give it strength. It is a well-known fact that silver tarnishes eventually but with some people it happens faster than others. Sometimes it can occur within days, and sometimes it can take much longer, it 's hard to predict. When silver comes into contact with the skin, it can tarnish (oxidise) because of the natural acids in the skin reacting to the metals in the silver. People's skin varies enormously and the natural acids produced can vary according to the time of year, month, diet and stress levels. Usually, it will stop after a short while, and the oxidisation will wear off by continued wearing. Some manufacturers lacquer or varnish their silver jewellery to try and prevent or slow this process down, but eventually, the coatings will wear off, and the silver will be exposed to the acids in the skin. Sometimes a green colour can occur, and this is as a result of the presence of copper in the sterling silver alloy. With continued wear, this should also lessen. The tarnish can be removed by polishing with a silver cloth or a liquid cleaner and with constant wear should diminish over time

How quick can you post out your wedding rings?

Generally, the wedding rings listed take anything between one to three weeks to deliver. This timescale is about average, and even large retailers can take this amount of time to deliver too. However we can usually accommodate rush jobs, but please do check with us first before ordering. All wedding rings will arrive at your door with presentation boxes and posted out in plain packaging.

Can the wedding rings be engraved with a special message?

We offer a wedding ring engraving service at an extra cost to the listed price. This service is for a single engraving on the inside of the wedding ring, but it is also possible to engrave on the outside too. Please contact us first for this service for more information, and we do have an inner engraving listing set up already in the main navigation menu. If you are buying more than one item, please enter the quantity in the Qty. Box during the cart checkout process. You may specify your engraving requirements when you reach the comments box during the checkout process also.

What do the different finishes look like?

Our titanium and zirconium rings are available in polished, satin and wire brushed finishes. Although these metals are tough, they will over time wear and also scratch. Shiny finishes will dull down slightly, and rough finishes will become gradually smoother over many years. Because the surface is so hard, what can appear to be a scratch is sometimes a deposit of another material that the ring has rubbed against, e.g., when worn next to a gold ring or a silver ring. It's all down to taste, but probably the best finish for long-term wear is a satin finish.

Do your white diamonds sparkle?

Yes, all of our white diamonds are SI G/H in quality. Black diamonds, on the other hand, are made from white diamonds that are very included. Black diamonds contain a lot of porosity or little air bubbles within the crystal, so they can be very inconsistent in surface texture when polished.

Do you take orders by phone?

Yes. Please call us on 01568 797723, and we will be happy to process the order over the phone. Please have your credit card details handy. Please leave a message if we don't answer the phone.